What adeptic can do for you

We support our clients regarding three key strategic questions and challenges:

Strategy, Investment and Innovation.

We can build on our longstanding experience in TIC and in dozens of consulting projects on these topics, on the one hand as client and on the other hand as consultant – “seen it, been there, done it”.

Strategy: Expertise for excellent TIC strategies
– How to run a successful strategy process including implementation
– Strategic implications of (disruptive) trends and developments for TIC, e.g. in customer industries
– Portfolio strategy and development roadmaps
Strategic M&A: Paving the way for M&A
– Developing external growth strategies; definition of inorganic growth rationales and target frame-works
– Precise identification of ideal matching targets and profiling
– Deal rationale and deal initiation

E.g. identification of organizational improvement ideas and deficiencies, centered on client needs and optimization of core business processes

Enterprise improvement, overhead and operational efficiency
E.g. base and overhead cost benchmarking and improvement, business/support/overhead process re-engineering

Restructuring and turnaround

(New) business models: Developing, updating and honing in structured approach
– Fundamental 360° analysis (customers, market, competition, trends)
– Pinpointing the Business Opportunity
– Business Model Canvas, Business Plan, Implementation roadmap
Impartial strategic assessments, e.g. reg. individual businesses/units/entities and M&A projects
Coach, support and enable existing and future strategy functions and teams

How adeptic works

All of adeptic’s work is performed with utmost diligence and following the commonly accepted “best practices” of science and business. We perform our work impartially, objectively and independently.

We believe that consulting has to be adapted to individual situations and needs in order to be successful, useful and valuable. We perceive our clients as partners in a joint endeavor and treat them accordingly.

We therefore do not follow standard blueprints or offer preset solutions, but rather prefer to precisely define what is needed together with our clients, and to tailor our approach correspondingly.

This also helps to maximize “value for money” and “bang for the buck”. We respect our clients’ budget limitations and fee expectations, and in the spirit of partnership with them, we do not “first overpromise, then manage expectations and finally under-deliver” to win contracts and projects.
Rather, we jointly assess and define together with them what can be achieved realistically under certain restrictions, making sure that all parties are fine with that right from the beginning and avoiding unpleasant surprises or feelings of discontent after project completion.

As partnership-minded consultants, we do not tell our clients what we think they would like to hear or engage in political games. We rather present our impartial views, insights, conclusions and recommendations, with candor and empathy, and discuss, define and implement resulting strategies with them.

We are happy to team up with “big name consultancies” for delivery of larger projects and have a number of preferred partners to this end. We can maximize the impact of dedicated project teams by enriching their work with our specific expertise and insights.