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Testing, Inspection & Certification: Focus

Our first comprehensive report on the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC industry) provides a genuinely strategic perspective – what the industry’s characteristics are, how it works beneath the surface, which key developments shape it and which implications this holds for longer-term strategic decisions on company development and investment.

Dated April 2018, this report delivers a detailed and comprehensive perspective on the state of the TIC industry and an outlook beyond other more short-term considerations.

Our main finding and thesis is that the TIC industry (still) is structurally very attractive, but will require more focus to be able to successfully deal with mounting challenges and upcoming disruption.

The 146-page report, containing 27 charts and 12 tables, is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of TIC fundamentals – what it is, how big the industry is, into which sub-segments it sensibly should be divided and who the main players are.
  • Chapter 2 goes into more detail and takes a closer look at underlying mechanisms and characteristics of the industry, which are highly relevant for strategy formulation and for understanding potential strategic limits.
  • Chapter 3 is divided into three main sub-sections: Part A) presents three noteworthy strategy-related observations; part B) analyzes the impact and importance of “Digital” for TIC and presents a strategic assessment; part C) examines a few “buzzwords” popular in TIC at the moment and checks how relevant these really are, at least in our opinion.
  • Chapter 4 contains a detailed and deep review of M&A activity in the TIC industry, based on our proprietary database, and critically evaluates the role of M&A in TIC. This chapter contains detailed M&A profiles for the 13 largest players in the industry.
  • Chapter 5 brings it all together and presents our conclusions.
  • Chapter 6 summarizes the strategic implications of our findings and conclusions.

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