Our core business: TIC

adeptic was founded by Christof Deringer, an experienced executive in Corporate, Start-Up and Consulting, to bridge a gap in the consulting market and deliver on a need he had faced himself while being responsible for strategy at a major TIC player.

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While there is excellent equity research and analyst coverage by banks and financial institutions on TIC, this largely revolves around company financials and resulting valuations. These reports are specifically intended for stock-market investment decisions, but are less useful for Strategy and Corporate Development by and in the industry itself and by strategic investors.

Established “big name” consultancies can only cover TIC as a “sideshow”, which in general is not sufficient for fully understanding the rather complex subject and getting to the heart of it.

This is what adeptic aims to provide: Value-adding consulting and advice for anyone active or interested in the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry – and exclusive, profound and useful strategic insights on TIC, for Strategy and Corporate Development, but also for strategic investors.

Adeptic solely focuses on TIC and permanently monitors and researches the industry.
We gain our insights from proprietary, uniquely substantiated analysis.

Why adeptic makes a difference

We are convinced that two things are essential for consultants to provide value-adding advice and deliver successful projects: Understanding your industry in all its details – and being up-to-date what is happening in it.

We know TIC, and we focus on TIC. This is our edge and what distinguishes us from the rest.

Banks, analysts and independent equity researchers devote a lot of effort on analysing the TIC industry, but mostly from a “financial point of view”. Unfortunately, their core focus is not Strategy or Corporate Development.

Other strategy consulting firms, even the "big names", only cover TIC as a "sideshow", which means that most of them are not really familiar with it nor invest the time and effort into regularly researching and monitoring it.

This is our differentiator:
Profound strategic advice from a TIC industry expert

  • Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of TIC, in particular of the variety of different business fields and their characteristics
    “Knowing TIC and the TIC landscape like the back of the hand”
  • Founded by an experienced executive at a major TIC player, responsible for strategy
    “Knowing how the TIC business works and which players are active where in this industry”
  • Well connected in the industry also on C-level and with excellent ties to investment banks
    “Knowing the people in TIC and interested in TIC”
  • Intimate knowledge of the German TIC landscape and the German TIC players (which have a strong position in the industry, are globally active and in some areas are a pain in the neck for listed TIC players)
    “Knowing German TIC inside-out – relevant reg. competition and useful for judging businesses”