Our core business: TIC

adeptic was founded by Christof Deringer, an experienced executive in Corporate, Start-Up and Consulting, to close a gap in the consulting market and deliver on challenges and needs he had faced himself while being responsible for strategy at a major TIC player.

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Banks, analysts and independent equity researchers focus on share prices.

Other consulting firms, even the "big names", only cover TIC as a "sideshow”.

TIC companies often struggle at identifying and introducing new technologies, and startups don’t even know the industry.

We know how TIC works, what new Tech can yield and what we are talking about.

Why adeptic makes a difference

Adeptic focuses on TIC and related innovations and technology. We gain our insights from proprietary, uniquely substantiated analysis based on permanent monitoring, scouting and researching.

We are tech enthusiasts and permanently scout the landscape for relevant new technologies and startups that could make a difference in TIC – and help them find their way into the industry.

We know how the TIC business works in detail, knowing the players and understanding the variety of different business fields and their characteristics.

We are well connected in TIC and beyond, also on C-level and with excellent ties to investors.


We combine in-depth TIC and Tech expertise with the right skill-set
and our executive experience both in Corporate and Start-up.

We understand your challenge and know all sides of the story.