Mastering TIC

Taking you to the next level

adeptic is a boutique strategy consulting company with unique expertise in Test, Inspection and Certification (TIC). We focus on TIC and related/relevant technologies.

We help our clients reaching the next level: with better strategies, adjusted portfolios and improved processes for Corporates – and viable concepts, credible business cases and doable implementation plans for Startups.

We work with Corporates and Startups in the TIC and related Tech space: Connecting them, bridging the gap and bringing new technologies into the industry.

Our unique formula

We combine in-depth TIC and Tech expertise with the right skill-set
and our executive experience both in Corporate and Start-up.

We understand your challenge and know all sides of the story.

Fresh insight

Riddle me this, riddle me that


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Cooperation partners

T. K. Hamann Consulting is a top-management consultancy that possesses marked and deep competence in Strategic Management, Business Development, Leadership & Organization, and Operational Excellence with a clear spike in the Automotive & Mobility industry.
Its founder, Dr. Thomas K. Hamann, possesses both profound consulting experience (i.a. McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company) and abundant operational know-how (Project Manager for Group-Wide Porsche Improvement Process at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft).
T. K. Hamann delivers tailor-made projects in a strong cross-functional and interdisciplinary approach and involves—if required—outstanding specialists from a large network of contacts.